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  • Angel Jewellery Shop - What Makes Angel Jewellery So Special?

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I bet we have all had this one before. It goes without saying that women all over the world love jewellery. Women use jewellery to enhance their beauty, boost their confidence, and also as a symbol of faith. It certainly has never been uncommon to gift each other jewellery but what makes the angel jewellery special?

    Angels are supernatural beings in various religions believed to bring comfort, protection, and peace. Let us get into the reasons why angel jewellery is so special.

  • Tibetan Jewellery Online

    One of the most exciting things about Tibet is the women and their unique jewellery. Jewellery plays a huge role in Tibet's culture, with a rich history and symbolism. They wear many pieces – emerald, coral, silver, jade, and gold.