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The Angel Feather Bracelet & It's Meaning

Angel Feather / Wing Bracelet

The feather represents strength, growth, hope and freedom. We frequently fantasize about spreading our imaginary wings to fly and feel free with our freedom! The sign of the feather has a deep spiritual meaning across many religions as well as cultures. The significance of the feather in the Bible is also correlated with moving through life independently, and connects the symbol with the heaven. They can give a perception of hope and faith to someone enduring loss. It can be a root of strength for anyone who’s loved one perished.

A new trend is flying around the fashion circles — Angel Feather Bracelets. As it’s soft-looking but packs a powerful meaning regarding freedom and hope, it is treated as a valuable keepsake. It is an indication that angels are near, guiding and protecting them and letting them know that they are shielded. Thus, wearing a feather gives a perception of peace and interconnection to the intangible realms.

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Why should you buy Angel Wing/Feather Bracelet?

Feathers can symbolize the spirit, flight, ascension and even heaven. We’ve all heard the saying, “Feathers appear when Angels are near.” So, if you buy one for yourself, it most likely bears some kind of exceptional symbolism to you associated with your strength, hope or freedom. If you are purchasing a feather bracelet as a present for someone else, it gives the sentiment of your love, faith and offering protection to the wearer like an Angel.

Are you heart-broken? Feather brings hope and strength to rise above all the failures and negativity of life. It reminds that you are not alone and you have someone to look after during stress and confusion. Whatsoever your personal cause, wearing any feather jewellery is a significant way to open a path to inner meaning and enlightenment. The meaning of a feather can be open to any explanation because of its link to personal incidents.

Angel wings or feathers gives a different perspective on love and life. We feel assertive and empowered when we can look upon our life to expedition soaring through the angel wings. Angel Wing reminds that you are not alone and you have someone to look after during stress and confusion. If you want to be motivated and whipped up to do better, Angel Wing/feather Bracelet will make you aspire to become the best class of yourself. We feel empowered and independent when we can look upon our life journey in the birds-eye view. Because of their relationship with the birds, feathers or wings have always been a sign of flight, strength and freedom. Wearing a feather or wing bracelet is a substantial way to keep its symbolism close to your intellect.

According to Egyptian mythology, the feather of goddess Ma’ at, an ostrich feather, was associated with truth and justice. The master priest could wear the feather in the court and then offered it to the person who won the case. In ancient Christianity, the symbol of three feathers was popular as a badge representing the three virtues of Hope, Faith and Charity.

Renowned American Poet Emily Dickinson wrote-

“Hope is the thing with feathers -

That perches in the soul -

And sings the tune without the words -

And never stops - at all. “

There are so many interpretations of the symbolic meaning of feathers, thus Feather Bracelets are becoming very popular among Trend-conscious people. So, it’s the time you get a feather bracelet for yourself or someone you know.

Here is a suggestion for you- Consider the benefits of matching jewellery. You can wear an Angel Wing featured Ring along with a Feather Bracelet. Angels are believed to be defender spirits. They protect us as guardian and showering their love, affection and kindness from the above. They are portrayed with wings on their back and numerous formations of glowing light. So, having an angel wing ring along with the Feather Bracelet will give you the impression of having God’s love, blessing, faith and protection with you all the time. This is a very powerful charm that will always offer an intense and comforting feeling.